The cornerstone of our firm’s philosophy is that direct mail isn’t something that you can just purchase “off the rack.” That’s why we’ve developed a thorough, sequential process, designed to match the right mail with the right message, to the right targets, to win your unique race. Our approach has been honed through two decades of campaign experience in nearly every state across the country.


It starts by developing a plan.

The hallmark of our approach is the development of a detailed mail plan. The mail plan is an analysis of your political environment based on current polling.

The plan presents our theory of the race by bringing together targeting data, election history, polling, and a candidate’s personal profile to lay out messaging, targeting, and our proposed mail pieces.


Through our work on the Obama campaigns, we redefined how to test the creative content of political mail, designing the most detailed and rigorous direct mail testing program in political history.

Amongst competitors, our mail scored more top-testing pieces in every category tested – Medicare, Economy, Women’s Health, and Education.

And even though most campaigns will not have the benefit of a robust Internet testing program, we take the lessons learned and apply them to your race, improving the quality and effectiveness of mail for your campaign.


of the time mail produced by
The Strategy Group moved more
voters than the competition.

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Firm c


Firm d



Not only has The Strategy Group been at the forefront of using the most innovative tools in analytics to help our clients win races, we have been instrumental in developing the technology, and redefining narrowcast campaign communications.

In 2012, The Strategy Group developed and deployed new analytical and testing tools to ensure that Obama for America communicated more efficiently and effectively, overseeing the largest Experiment Informed Program in history to field test its messages and isolate targets. The New York Times reported that our use of analytics and media optimization resulted in “a previously unheard-of level of efficiency.”

“The revolution of media buying in this campaign,” says Terry Walsh, who coordinated the campaign’s polling and advertising spending, “was to turn what was a broadcast medium into something that looks a lot more like a narrowcast medium.”


Integration is the key to your victory.

In an increasingly complex world, it’s more important than ever to communicate with targets when and where they consume media.

That’s why we build multichannel plans that find the most effective targets and describe how to reach them, showing how the mail program works in concert with TV, radio, phones, and online communications to realize the campaign’s strategic goals.




Efficiently reaching your target audience where they are in today’s ever-evolving multimedia landscape has never been more important. We cut through the noise to find and reach targets across all media.


We use regression analysis
to find which messages
move voters the most and
utilize our national network
of printers to bring you a
quick turnaround at a
fair price.


Our partners at Analytics
Media Group use predictive
modeling and set top box
television viewing information
to optimize your television
buy, serving your ads at
a lower cost per impression
per target, increasing
efficiency by 15%.


Our partnerships with
Bully Pulpit Interactive and
Precision Network allow us
to target banner ads to the
household level – the same
technique used to target
mail – with the highest
match rates of any
progressive firm.